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SUMMER 2017 Certifications

Health Information Management

  • Angela Tucker- CRCS-I
  • Eurinca Mayes- CRCS-I
  • Camisha Collier- CRCS-I
  • Angela Brown- CRCS-I

Medical Assistant

  • Ashley Jones- CCMA
  • Latishiea Lucas- CCMA

Patient Care Technician

  • Amelia Armstrong- CRCS-P


In the News: Health-Tech Institute of Memphis anticipates Memphis Downtown Commission's plans to revamp the historic South City area over the next 5 years. Ronald Washington, HTIM business leader, shares his promising outlook for the area that has been home to HTIM for 13 years with Fox 13 News.

City Plans to Revamp South City

FALL 2016 Certifications

Health Information Management

  •  Cha'Nel Randolph- CRCS-I
  •  Erica Cox- CRCS-I
  •  Karla Woods- CRCS-I
  •  Ivy Wright- CRCS-I
  •  Alease Powell- CRCS-I
  •  Marqushay Skipper- CRCS-I
  •  Vanessa Rogers- CRCS-I
  •  Kiera Roebuck- CRCS-I
  •  DeQuona Taylor- CRCS-I

Medical Assistant

  •  Crystal Green- CRCS-P
  •  Ashley Jones- CRCS-P
  •  Yasmeen Nason- CRCS-P
  •  Mae Belcher- CRCS-P
  •  Carol Martin- CRCS-P
  •  Kisha Cross- CRCS-P

 In the News: HTIM Joins City-Wide Effort to Provide Positive Opportunities for Memphis Youth

Health-Tech Institute of Memphis educates Memphians & develops the city’s workforce; joining Memphis’ grind addressing the city’s economic struggles. Recently, we joined the city's efforts to provide positive opportunities for Memphis' out-of-school youth aged 18-24. Young adults who are unemployed or underemployed, can receive free business and healthcare certification training, job-readiness skills training, & job placement assistance. This is a part of a concerted effort to see our youth, our future, realize their potential and deter them from negative influences. Our efforts were recently highlighted by Fox 13 News.

To learn more, click here.

The entry-level certifications administered by the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM), has nationally recognized and conferred upon the successful completion of technical certification as a Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist-Professional (CRCS-P).

Medical Assistants

  • Lenesia Crutcher, CRCS-P
  • Ariah Popovich, CRCS-P
  • Stefanie Stricklen, CRCS-P
  • Pamela Walton, CRCS-P
  • Bobbie McMickens, CRCS-P
  • Davida Williams, CRCS-P
  • Melynnie Douglas, CRCS-P
  • Charrae Wilson-Plummer, CRCS-P

Health-Information Management

  • Shundra Edwards, CRCS-I
  • Tikita Nelson, CRCS-I
  • Tiffany Perry, CRCS-I
  • Candace Gregory, CRCS-I
  • Frances Williams, CRCS-I
  • Dwan Pittman, CRCS-I
  • Reginald Chapple, CRCS-I
  • Destini Davis, CRCS-I
  • Ashley Williams, CRCS-I
  • Dianesha Pattillo, CRCS-I
  • Shanice Coleman, CRCS-I
  • Stacey Allen, CRCS-I

The certifications administered by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), has nationally recognized and conferred upon the successful completion of the requirements as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA).

  • Lenesia Crutcher, CCMA
  • Ariah Popovich, CCMA
  • Stefanie Stricklen, CCMA
  • Pamela Walton, CCMA
  • Dominique Mcdavid, CCMA
  • Nikarra Seward, CCMA
  • Carlos Atkins, CCMA


The certifications administered by Certiport, has nationally recognized the successful completion of the requirements as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).

  • Therese Wright, MOS

Congratulations to our students for their hard work and dedication! The best is yet to come!

Credentialed Medical Assistants

Did you know that a recent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) decision positions your medical assistant status as even more valuable to healthcare providers once you become certified?

Under the CMS rules established in late 2012, credentialed medical assistants can enter orders into the medical record for the computerized provider entry (CPOE), a task previously limited to licensed healthcare professionals. This means that medical assistant students who become credentialed can offer additional workflow efficiency and compliance benefits to their employers. This could heighten program exposure and credibility, and potentially provide valuable partnerships opportunites with local providers, which translates to increased placement rates.

Coming Soon:

ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Continuing Education Training

ICD-10 is happening- and it will change everything- not only for healthcare organizations that uses health information but for students who are currently training using ICD-9 -CM or former students who were trained under ICD-9 CM. As you know, October 1, 2015 ICD-9 -CM will replaced with ICD-10- CM and ICD-10-PCS. As with any changes (ICD-9 CM is over 30 years old), difficulty and confusion will be present. However, be rest assured that if you understand ICD-9- CM converting to ICD-10-CM should not be a problem if you get started now!

What Should You Do:

  • Enroll in our Free 4-week program beginning in October (Saturdays 12-2 pm)
  • Purchase Understanding Health Insurance 11th Edition- A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement.
  • Purchase Ingenix ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS

Certified Revenue Cycle Professional

Our partner, the American Association of Healthcare of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM), has announced its mid-level Billing certification, Certified Revenue Cycle Professional (CRCP). AAHAM offers two types of Professional certification; one focused on the revenue cycle within an institutional (hospital, health system) setting and the other focused on the revenue cycle in a professional (physician, clinic) setting.

The Professional Revenue Cycle Certification validates the knowledge and skills possessed by a competent mid-level revenue cycle supervisor or manager. This certification is for the individual who desires confirmation and recognition of their expertise and/or for those who aspire to the excecutive level certification.

Who is eligible?

CRCP-I/CRCP-P exams are available to National AAHAM members, in good standing. Candidates must have a minimum of either two (2) years of healthcare experience oe two-year college or university associate's degree.

Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare Patient Financial Services

HTIM wants to announce our partnership with Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare Patient Financial Services! We will provide quality, confident, and efficient students from our Health-Information Management program to extern in their Billing Service Department.

Congratulations to Annette Bledsoe, a Health Information Management student, on her job opportunity with Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare Patient Financial Services! She was offered a position as a Reimbursement Specialist. All the hard work and dedication paid off!





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